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how to buy a diamond 1
What to look for when Buying Diamonds Naturally, when you are considering making a diamond purchase you want to ensure you are choosing the best stone available for your budget. The question that comes to mind is how to buy a diamond for your wedding band, engagement ring, earrings or […]

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Pink diamond engagement rings
Where Do Pink Diamonds Get Their Color From It is still not 100% known where pink diamond engagement rings get their color from. The generally accepted assumption is that the extreme pressure that the stone is under is likely the cause of the pink color. The pink diamonds were formed […]

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

history of diamond engagement rings
Diamond Engagement Rings in History~ From Ownership to a Symbol of Love The history of diamond engagement rings is fascinating, as the notion of giving your bride-to-be a ring upon engagement has gone through some major changes over the centuries. What started out as a symbol of a man’s ownership […]

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three most expensive diamonds in the world
The Pink Star Diamond The three most expensive diamonds in the world starts with the pink star, also known as one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, is a 59.60 carat diamond (11.92 grams). The pink star, rated by the GIA as a fancy vivid pink color diamond, was mined by […]

Three Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

fancy color diamonds
Well hello there, my beautiful color diamonds! It was just a few years ago that my husband began his career in the fancy color diamonds industry. As far as I knew, the only diamonds that existed were colorless diamonds. When my spouse said to me that he’s going to be working […]

How Color Diamonds and I first Met