Shopping for Diamonds is always fun! Walking into a store and having a look at the variety of different diamond shapes, colors and sizes never gets old.

When you leave your options open to choosing between a colorless and fancy color stone you have an even larger selection available for you to choose from.

If you love color, and are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind engagement ring, or a loose diamond for that special piece of jewelry read our post about fancy color diamonds.

If there’s one blog post you’re going to read, I would say that the most important one is about the 4C’s. Before going shopping for ANY diamond- color OR colorless gemstone you want to get familiar with the four C’s of diamonds.


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Our Favorite Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday The holidays are here and along with this time of year, comes another benefit: diamond jewelry holiday specials! Getting engaged? Married? Looking to buy a special piece of color diamond or gemstone jewelry? Now is the time to find those deals! […]

Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday

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About the Engagement Ring Guy We will all agree that diamonds or fine gemstones are always purchased surrounding a happy occasion. In fact, the goods are often used as a reminder of whatever that celebration was, whether it be an engagement ring for your engagement, an eternity band for a […]

Engagement Ring Guy About Us

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What to look for when Buying Diamonds Naturally, when you are considering making a diamond purchase you want to ensure you are choosing the best stone available for your budget. The question that comes to mind is how to buy a diamond for your wedding band, engagement ring, earrings or […]

How to Buy a Diamond for your Engagement Rings & ...

Pink Diamond Wedding Bands
Where Do Pink Diamond Wedding Bands Get Their Color From It is still not 100% known where pink diamond wedding bands get their color from. The generally accepted assumption is that the extreme pressure that the stone is under is likely the cause of the pink color.  The pink diamonds […]

Pink Diamond Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

three most expensive diamonds in the world
The Pink Star Diamond The three most expensive diamonds in the world starts with the pink star, also known as one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, is a 59.60 carat diamond (11.92 grams). The pink star, rated by the GIA as a fancy vivid pink color diamond, was mined by […]

Three Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

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Well hello there, my beautiful color diamonds! It was just a few years ago that my husband began his career in the fancy color diamonds industry. As far as I knew, the only diamonds that existed were colorless diamonds. When my spouse said to me that he’s going to be working […]

How Color Diamonds and I first Met