How Color Diamonds and I first Met

Well hello there, my beautiful color diamonds!

It was just a few years ago that my husband began his career in the fancy color diamonds industry. As far as I knew, the only diamonds that existed were colorless diamonds. When my spouse said to me that he’s going to be working with fancy color diamonds my reaction was: HUH? What’s THAT? Aren’t all color stones gem stones??

Well, Apparently not!


fancy color diamonds

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond. Um, yes please!


Many questions followed! I LOVE diamonds (conflict free, obviously!) and I was so excited that my spouse was getting into the field. It was as though all of the questions I had about my new discovery just tumbled out one after the other…


Fancy light pink diamond

Fancy pink pear shape engagement ring


How do they color the diamonds?? Are they heated diamonds? How on earth does a stone change from a colorless diamond to a fancy color? What colors do these diamonds come in? Are they more expensive? Why would someone want a colorful diamond in their engagement ring when most of the diamonds in engagement rings are colorless? It’s been a few years since, and I still remember his answers to my questions!


It didn’t take very long before I myself went ahead and designed my ring, with a fancy light yellow diamond as the center stone. I love how unique and different it is. The sparkle and color are so exciting! The colorless diamonds look dull next to the splash of colorful diamonds!


Fancy color diamond

Fancy yellow diamond eternity band. On my wish list!


Obviously, the color of your diamond is all a matter of personal taste and preference. Now that you to know that there IS such a thing as fancy color diamonds out there, I hope that you’re well informed so that you can make an educated decision which I’m sure you want to do when purchasing a luxury item!

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