Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday

Our Favorite Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday

The holidays are here and along with this time of year, comes another benefit: diamond jewelry holiday specials! Getting engaged? Married? Looking to buy a special piece of color diamond or gemstone jewelry? Now is the time to find those deals! We’ve gathered a few diamond jewelry gift ideas you might really love.

Fancy Color Yellow Diamond Rings

Our favorite engagement ring is this beautiful fancy light yellow cushion diamond halo ring. Why, you may ask? It’s simple: This is the engagement ring design we had Leibish create for us. The inner halo is created out of yellow diamonds, which brings out the yellow color of the center stone even more. We had this diamond ring created a while back, and we’re still in love with it!

diamond jewelry gift ideas

Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Diamond Halo Ring (2.93Ct TW)

If you’re looking for a wedding band to go along with your engagement ring, these are my personal favorite ring suggestions to go along with a yellow diamond engagement ring:

Diamond Jewelry gift ideas

Canary Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Half Eternity Wedding Band (0.35Ct TW)


Fancy Intense Yellow and White Diamond Band Ring

Fancy Intense Yellow and White Diamond Band Ring (0.30Ct TW)


diamond eternity band ring

French Pave Diamond Half-Eternity Band Ring (0.35Ct TW)

Our Favorite Pink Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Pink diamond engagement rings is another piece of jewelry many love. Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum are a few of the celebrities who rock the look. No need for a special occasion to show off this beauty!

pink diamond engagement ring

Pink Pear Diamond Double Halo Ring (1.03Ct TW) 


pink argyle diamonds leibish

Argyle Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring (0.68Ct TW)


Pink diamond wedding band

White & Rose Gold Fancy Light Pink Diamond Milgrain Band Ring (0.20Ct TW)


pink diamond jewelry special

Pink & White Diamond Band Ring with Milgrain (0.18Ct TW)

 Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday

Another one of our diamond jewelry gift ideas is this stunning necklace. The design of this piece, along with the blue and pink diamonds make this an extraordinarily unique holiday gift.

blue & green fancy diamond necklace

Fancy Blue Green & Intense Pink Diamond Pendant (0.75Ct TW)


The holiday season is a time to be thankful for everything we have, enjoy our time with family and friends… and find some really awesome specials on everything we’ve kept our eye on during the year. Happy holidays!

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Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday
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Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holiday
The holiday season is here and we have gifts on our minds! Check out what we think of these unique fancy color diamond jewelry gift ideas!
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