Fancy Color Diamonds

What are fancy color diamonds?

Many questions come to mind when you’re shopping for a fancy color diamond. If you’re feeling as though you don’t know what to look for because this is new to you, go ahead and read our fancy color diamonds questions & answers educational guide.

How do you create fancy color diamonds?

A: There is a difference between natural color diamonds, heated color diamonds, and synthetic colored diamonds. Natural ‘fancy color diamonds’ are stones that are 100% natural. They were not treated or made somewhere in a lab. These stones are actually found in the ground with their colors. Once the rough diamonds are mined, the whole manufacturing process begins. They are eventually sent for polishing and cutting, and those cutting the rough know exactly where and what to look for in order to extract the largest stone, with the best color, and cleanest clarity. This process is done with both machines and by eye. The cut will dramatically help bring out the brilliance and the color of the diamond.

What colors do these diamonds come in?

A: Fancy color diamonds come in a variety of colors. There are essentially 12 main colors in which they are categorized. Each one of these colors has up to nine intensities of how strong the color is. Furthermore, colored diamonds can be a single, pure color, or a combination of up to one, two, or even three overtones. Meaning, you can have a fancy intense yellow green orangish diamond. There are actually over 230 possible color combinations. The primary diamond colors are Yellow, Pink, Brown, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Violet, Black, Gray, and White. Chameleon diamonds are not their own color, but are often classified on their own since they are the only natural diamonds that can temporarily change colors.


Fancy Color Diamonds Questions & Answers

The Many Colors of Diamonds


What are the most popular colors?

The most popular colors are canary yellow diamonds and pink diamonds. Following those are brown, blue, and black.

Loose Yellow Diamonds

If you’re looking to design your own ring, choose your favorite loose diamonds and find or create a setting for your stone. This way you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for loose yellow diamonds? Click here to have a look!


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