How to Buy a Diamond for your Engagement Rings & Jewelry

What to look for when Buying Diamonds

Naturally, when you are considering making a diamond purchase you want to ensure you are choosing the best stone available for your budget. The question that comes to mind is how to buy a diamond for your wedding band, engagement ring, earrings or pendants.

There are so many variables to consider and so much product to sort through. So, we decided to put together some information about what you should consider when looking for the right stone.

how to buy a diamond

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Diamond Buying Education

In order to choose the right stone, you need to have just a bit of diamond education. Granted, you shouldn’t assume that after reading through this article you will now gain the experience diamond traders have. But, you will know the different parameters by which diamonds are assessed, and what you should consider most important for your purchase. This guide, together with the budget you have in mind, will help you understand how to buy a diamond for your special occasion.

How to Buy a Diamond ~ The Four C’s of Diamonds

Diamond Carat Weight

Many people confuse the diamond carat weight with the size of the diamond. The Carat is the weight of the diamond itself and not the size. A diamond is sold by the carat, which is a unit of weight. The definition of a carat is the weight unit per stone. The weight of 1-carat diamond is 0.2 grams.

Another term many people are more familiar with are points. In a 1 carat diamond, there are 100 points. For example, if you’re looking at an engagement ring which has 0.50 points, that would be half a carat.

how to buy a diamond

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Diamond Color Grading Chart

The diamond color is graded from D-Z. The highest color grade being D – colorless, with Z being at the end of the chart – light yellow diamond. Fancy color diamonds have a completely different chart, although the light yellow which is graded Z – the last on the chart is considered a color diamond.

Two additional terms are used when referring to the yellow color. The famously known Canary diamonds, and the term Zimmy, which comes from the Zimmy mine, in Sierra Leone. Leibish & co have a large selection of fancy yellow diamond jewelry as well as loose stones.

Colorless Near Colorless White Very Faint Yellow Faint Yellow Light Yellow
D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R s t u v w x y z

A colorless diamond is a very rare find. A popular choice when looking at the color chart is near colorless- a diamond with a G grading, since to most of us it will look colorless. A professional may be able to discern the difference when looking up close at the stone.

Colorless Diamond

Colorless Diamonds

Diamond Clarity

Clarity of a diamond describes the internal and external imperfection of the stone. There are six categories which define the different levels of the diamond clarity.

FL Flawless A flawless diamond is a stone that is rare to find
IF Internally Flawless Another rare find is the internally flawless diamond. Although it is internally flawless, the surface of the diamond does have a flaw
VVS1/VVS2 Very Very Slight Inclusion A diamond with a very small inclusion which can only be seen with x30 magnification
VS1/VS2 Very Slight Inclusion A stone with very slight internal inclusion which can only be seen with x10 magnification
SI1/SI2 Slight Inclusion Slight inclusion which can be determined with x10 magnification
I1/I2/I3 Inclusion A stone that has inclusions which is usually visible to the naked eye. A diamond with an inclusion of this level brings down the diamond value drastically

Diamond Cut

The Diamond cut determines the size of the diamond. For example, you can have two diamonds that are one carat each, however since they are different cuts, they are not the same sizes.

You want to look for the cut grade. The better the cut, the more the diamond will shine.

When the diamond has a cut of very good or higher, the light reflecting from the top will make the diamond appear larger. For example, you can have a one-carat diamond stone, and one slightly smaller. If the cut on the one carat stone is not a good cut, and the cut of the slightly smaller diamond has a very good cut or higher, the smaller diamond may appear larger than the actual larger one.

Diamond Shape

Choosing the stone shape will help you determine how to buy a diamond. There are several diamond shapes, as well as combined cuts. The most common is the round solitaire diamond cut which has 33 facets around the top of the girdle and 24 facets underneath. All other shapes are considered fancy shapes which are divided into four categories.

Round Edge Oval Pear Marquise Heart
Step Cuts Emerald Asscher Carre Baquette Trapezoid
Modified Cuts Princess Cushion Radiant
Mixed Cuts Rectangular Oval Cushion Pear


How to Buy a Diamond ~ Different Shapes of Diamonds in Ring Settings

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