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Where Do Pink Diamonds Get Their Color From

It is still not 100% known where pink diamond engagement rings get their color from. The generally accepted assumption is that the extreme pressure that the stone is under is likely the cause of the pink color.

The pink diamonds were formed over a time period of billions of years, 90 miles below the surface of earth, and brought up to mining depth through volcanic eruptions, and lodged in kimberlite.

pink diamond engagement ring

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings


Where Do Pink Stones Come From

Where do pink diamonds come from is a question asked very often. Pink diamonds come from different mines throughout the world. The most known is the argyle mine in Australia. In fact, the most valued pink diamonds available are those mined from the argyle mine. As a result of the earth in that area, the pink color has a fantastic bubble gum hue. As well as the argyle pink diamonds, the mine produces predominantly brown diamonds.

These stones are so sought after that the mine itself holds 50 to 70 of the best stones mined each year. In order to tender them off, an annual event is held called the argyle pink diamond tender. The tender is held at the Hong Kong trade show each year in September.

The most well known, and most expensive diamonds in the world, are the Graff pink, the Princie diamond and Pink Star.



pink diamond engagement rings

White & Pink designer Diamond Wedding Band 


The Intensities of Natural Pink Diamonds

The pink color can be found in different intensities: faint pink, fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink, fancy vivid pink, fancy deep/ dark pink.

A single color is considered most valuable when it comes to fancy color diamonds. However, there is an exception for purplish pink stones, which is considered just as good as a single color.

4 carat diamond engagement ring

Pink diamond engagement ring fancy brown pink radiant double halo 4 carats

Certain colors will combine with other colors- for example you will find a brownish purple pink or a grayish pink. Having said that, not all colors combine with others. You won’t see a yellowish pink diamond, or a blue pink stone.


Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Settings

When the diamond is set, it will often be set in rose gold to maximize the color. If the ring is white gold or platinum, you will often find a rose gold reflector underneath the pink diamonds. The contrast with colorless stones is attractive and therefore they are often set together. However, it really all depends on the personal taste of the buyer, or the creativity of the designer.


Fancy Color Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

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